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The Reflexes for your brain, hormones, eyes, ears, sinus, jaw, teeth are all found in your ear lobes!!!

The Ear Lobe Reflexes

The Ear Lobe Reflexes

The Reflexes for your brain, hormones, eyes, ears, sinus, jaw, teeth are all found in your ear lobes!!! Fancy that eh!!!

Would you like to know how to improve your vision, or be interested in learning what points to squeeze to stimulate your auditory nerves to better hear the birds sing in the morning?

Perhaps your vision is good and you hear fine, but are plagued with migraines or hormonal fluctuations, slashing your enjoyment of life to a bare minimum? Impaired neurological function can be debilitating and a horror for the entire family to deal with.

A misaligned jaw can wreak havoc on your teeth and cause you to have painful sleepless nights as the norm. Leaving you feeling sluggish and tired 24/7.

Fortunately there are reflexes for each and every part of your body found on the ears! Reflexes for your entire brain, glands, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and jaw. Everything from the neck up is compactly located on the lobes of the ears. Not a big surface, so it’s easy to find the areas that are out of synch by the pain you feel when that spot is pinched. It will hurt, a little. If it hurts a lot, call me +1-519-573-3877 – you likely need a full body reset.

Working the eflex points on the ear lobes, helps your body resynchronize the areas that are out of balance from the neck up. Pretty simple RIGHT!!!

The beauty of it is, by using only your fingers to simultaneously squeeze your own lobes, all of  the reflex points are harmoniously reset clearing many imbalances with just a few pinches.

Including but not limited to the following imbalances:

Brain function
Pineal function
Pituitary function
Hypothalamus function
Thyroid/Parathyroid function
Hormonal function
Ocular function
Ear/Inner Ear function
Sinus function
Jaw/Teeth function
Neurological function

Paying particular attention to the areas that are sore and spending more time on them when you pinch them, since they are the tell tale signs that it is an area that is out of balance. Go ahead! Squeeze you ear lobes and reset the frequency of your entire brain and head area, and everything inside of it, to a state of balance and harmony.

Or if you prefer squeeze your fingers and toes, they contain all of the reflexes for body parts from the neck up!!!

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Please be sure to write in to me about the areas you are stuck with – I can help with!!! Let’s put the bounce back in your step so you can feel the urge to have FUN again!!!

It is my absolute pleasure to grow your wellness and augment your BLISS!!!


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