Harvest Festival 2019

Harvest Festival - Screaming Heads 2019

A Very Happy Harvest Festival it was!!! A great big thank you to the legendary Screaming Heads landowner and sculptor Peter Camani, the Harvest Festival organizers Justin Martins, Irving Shaw and David Macleod & without all of the hundreds of volunteers it would not have been possible, their overwhelming love was felt everywhere, by all, it was absolutely awesome, everywhere... Easily and effortlessly shared amongst Harvesters.

An extra special thanks to Chelsi Rodrigues for organizing our workshops for all to attend! She recruited all of the teachers, juggled changes till the last minute - and made it to press! For the first time EVER the Workshops were published in the Harvest Festival 2019 FLYER (above) right next to the DJ and set times and the workshop schedules were at also available on their website! Workshop participants were very pleased that a schedule existed and thrilled to be able to participate in the ones of their choice!

In the past you could find me squeezing ears in my booth set up outside of Thermodome, where I gave treatments to Harvest passerby who were so inclined , but this year I taught everyone HOW TO DO IT on themselves!!!

It was amazing how organic the workshop all came together flawlessly. I showed up and the students took over.

Well, actually, I showed up a bit late at the Thermodome. You see, I made oxtail soup for the Potluck, but it was happening atCrash at the same time as my Ear Reflexology Workshop @2PM, but I figured I could just drop it off at Crash on my way to do my workshop thinking it could be left with someone to heat it up. I didn't have a stove.  There was no one in Crash for Potluck. I was early, so I figured I would bring it over after my workshop. I walked back down to my tent beyond Crash to store my soup again. Coming back up thru Crash on my way to the Thermodome I bumped into Alex, who had a stove and I asked  if I could heat up my soup on their stove, and they said I could but they wanted my soup now because they weren't sure if they'd be there after I finished my workshop. So I dropped my cart there and scooted back to my tent to get the oxtail soup, gave it to alex along with a paddle and disposable cups to serve it in and off I ran to do my Ear Reflexology Workshop at the Thermodome.

I had no sooner set up my chair and put up my Auricular Points Chart up on the DJ booth stage, that a group gathered before me. They self organized themselves, going to fetch their own chairs and placing them in an arc like rainbow shaped group in front of me within minutes of arriving! I am tremendously grateful for all of those who attended my Ear Reflexology Workshop, thank you for making it an ear squeezing success!! Squeeze those ears anytime, anywhere, on anyone with ears!!!

The soup was mostly gone when I returned to get the pot at Crash after my workshop!!! There was just enough left over for me to feed the small group who gathered around the fire below Crash later. I was a bit leery of bringing a "non-plant based dish" but I know how good this sort of food is for us all, the broth from the bone alone is a power house of nourishment replenishing the minerals we've danced away!!! I think I will bring it again!!! It is a delicious hot nourishing soup for those of us that are omnivores. 

   This heads shot with Michael Williamson, Kate Kemp, Chelsi Rodrigues, John M. Manzo, Bennett Hardie Poirier, Bryhnn Adrian, Samuel Laferriere, Zachary Blue and Mike Dutchman at Screaming Heads, Midlothian Castle.



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