Leave your stress behind

Auricular Acupressure will leave you feeling revitalized, empowered and BLISSful all in under 30 minutes!

Adapting to your requirements, each Auricular Acupressure consultation is designed to specifically meet your needs.

Flexible treatment packages of a single consultation, a triple consultation or ten consultations, fit any budget.

Flexible consultation times include morning, afternoon or evening, weekday or weekend, to best suit your needs.

Michelle places the utmost importance for you to get the maximum BLISS from your consultation.

Leave everything in her hands and book your REBOOT today.

A typical 1 hour consultation would include:

  • Intake questionnaire
  • Ear exam and digital photos 
  • 30 minute treatment bundled up and
  • reclined in a stress reducing zero gravity chair 
  • 10 minute recovery period 


Choose your consultation package now

Your body, mind, heart and soul will thank you for it!


One Consultation


with a gentle rhythmic thumb and finger pulsation

over the entire surface of the ears.

A non-invasive and super effective as both ears are worked simultaneously.



Three Consultations

Typically over a three week period

Offers soothing relief for chronic conditions

First Session locates and opens up blockages

Second Session interrupts and dislodges blockages

Third Session restores balance



Ten Consecutive Sessions

Kills any addiction

Reverses chronic illeness

Eliminates PTSD

Reformats your hard drive

Soul Retrieval