White Owl Native Heritage Association Fall Feast

Auricular Acupressure Offers First Health Art at the Fall Feast

It is with great honour and gratitude that Auricular Acupressure will be offering services at the Fall Feast for all to enjoy!

There will be prizes to win

Participants will have a chance to win 1 Triple session (Value $275) as a door prize and one of 3 individual sessions ($100 Value) in raffles - get your tickets!

Bring your feast bundles (plate, bowl, cup, cutlery, napkin and sac) to enjoy the wonderful fall feast lovingly prepared by the community for all to share.

I will be offering ear seed placement for $10 per seed to be placed on the reflex to help whatever ails you on either your ears or your hands.

I hope to see you there so I can show you how to kill pain anywhere in your body yourself!

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