Lacking motivation to get physical? Insomnia? Feeling tired in the morning?

Do you get proper rest? 

Signs that you are not properly rested are:

Lacking motivation to get physical


Feeling tired in the morning?

There are 3 things we cannot do without. 

  1. Shelter
  2. Nourishment
  3. Rest 

We need protection from the elements, nourishment and down time to live a happy life. 

We need shelter. Most of those reading this have that luxury, many don’t. The last time a global survey was attempted – by the United Nations in 2005 – an estimated 100 million people were homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing (Habitat, 2015). Yet, nearly 1 in 10 Canadians have experienced hidden homelessness. Maintaining core body temperature is the principal determinant of successfully adapting to weather. Having a temp very much below 92 or above 103 degrees F (ballpark) results in severe symptoms that are occasionally fatal.  Malnourishment and an altered level of consciousness from intoxicants, injuries, profound fatigue, or mental illness can, for example, result in such diminution of body temperature as to cause fatal cardiac arrhythmia. There are similarly dire sequelae to blistering hot ambient temperatures. An ability to withstand extremes of climate is the principal determinant of whether a person might survive a lack of shelter.

We need nourishment, not the packaged kind. Live, organic, as close as possible to “from the farm to the table” locally grown foods.  We need to nourish not only our body, but also our mind, our heart and our soul. Nurturing, playing, dancing and loving are forms of nourishment.

We need rest. Even with shelter and nourishment our longevity is determined by how much time we give ourselves to rest and repair in between our “GO” moments. We all need rest. We are not designed to be in “GO” mode all the time. Without proper rest our lifespan is severely compromised. 

Rest can be interrupted by caffeine, drugs, alcohol, lifestyle and STRESS hormones.

Though auricular acupressure can’t do anything about providing shelter for you and can only guide you in matters of nourishment it can do a great deal in restoring proper rest cycles.

There are many causes of stress 

    • physical
    • emotional
    • mental
    • spiritual

Stress causes cortisol to be released from the adrenal glands which is beneficial, short term, however severely damaging to health in the long run. In short, the theory is that with our ever-stressed, fast-paced lifestyle, our bodies are pumping out cortisol almost constantly. 

Adrenal fatigue can cause you to crash and burn, real fast, daily. Every day begins at a deficit level of energy. For many stuck in adrenal overdrive, true rest does not come, even with sleep since they are tuned to the fight/flight/freeze sympathetic operating mode 24/7. Eventually, once cortisol is depleted/corrosive the operating system tips it’s function to the parasympathetic mode of collapse, to force rest and repair as a means of self preservation. 

Not everyone listens. 

Not everyone hears.

Not everyone is ready.

We are driven by old software, all of which is competing for space on our hard drive. The GO faster, harder, stronger software has been activated in us since birth. Somewhere along the way the software for taking it easy, and resting, and playing, and just plain having FUN were overwritten by the programming that can loop in the unconsciousness of our mind and keeps us in the GO mode. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in the GO mode from time to time, so long as it is balanced out with down time! This is the va et vient of life! 

Depression, anxiety, fear, hate, are all warning of an impending collapse of one or more of the operating systems.

There are many reasons we may be stuck in the fight/flight/freeze adrenal overdrive response. It may even be encoded into our genes from our ancestors through transgenerational trauma. Trauma, PTSD, or our circadian rhythm may be out of synch.

The most profound, instantaneous effect of Auricular Acupressure is to take the body out of the sympathetic operating system, and plunge it into the parasympathetic operating system of deep rest and repair, all within the first 60 seconds of an auricular acupressure/ear squeeze session! That is followed by a deepening reset of the entire body, as ear reflexes, one at a time, are manipulated with the fingers, sending reset and repairs commands to the brain to be executed in the body. 

An auricular acupressure REBOOT will work wonders at resetting adrenal function, stress relief GUARANTEED!

Here is a little tip that can help eliminate many stressors of life, one new beginning at a time. Before going to bed, as part of the wind down, we can pre-determine what our next day will look like, feel like, taste like and smell like. Envisioning this can help us establish the “big picture” of a day that we’ll naturally want to jump out of bed in the morning to greet. Seeding these thoughts for the next day is paramount in having a bright new beginning, day after day, instead of a dreaded alarm blast harshly announcing another day. It’s been said many times, many ways “What the human mind can conceive, it can achieve!” Doing it mindfully boosts the zizzle into life! 

Some people are more visual than others, for men it may be a totally different picture than for women, some need to jot things down, sketches or take notes. The point is, to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepare to rest for the night by organizing your next day, the night before. 

It can be as detailed a plan as you like but try to keep it simple. Decide what to wear and put it out, plan what you will have for breakfast, prepare your lunch, schedule important reminders in your phone, and tend to any other details you need to get out of the way to ensure your mind is clear of these hinderances before dimming the lights to prepare for bed. A soothing bath is one of my most perfect places to further envision what will play out tomorrow. Breathing deeply with a self administered auricular acupressure ear squeeze technique that plunges you right off to slumber land to sleep like a baby! 

Let me show how easy it is!

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