Nourish & Flourish Fair

Nourish to Flourish Fair Mini Auricular Acupressure Reboots a BIG HIT

Mini Auricular Acupressure Sessions a HIT!!

Auricular Acupressure wishes to send a warm heart felt THANK YOU to all of the wonderful visitors who came by the Nourish to Flourish Wellness and Lifestyle Fair, especially those who stopped by our booth to try on a mini ear squeeze.

Some visitors were pained by something they wanted help soothing, other visitors were just curious about it. One visitor had been pulling and tugging at ears for a lifetime without knowing why it felt so good, or even that it was a HEALING ART!!!

All visitors to our booth left relaxed and holding a new understanding of the keyboard found on the ears! An upside down baby in-utero laid over the ear depicts the location of all body part reflexes on the ears.

All visitors left with ear seeds placed on the prominent area of imbalance for them to self apply and self heal that particular area of imbalance! We will endeavour to get the shots of the ears with the seed placement at the next fair!

Abundant gratitude to the event organizer Melissa of Hygge Hippie and to Sue Williams of Rewire Life's Reflection  for inviting me ~ it was a pleasure to participate and meet some of the other vendors too! The  neighbouring booth at the fair just happened to also be a neighbour from my childhood! Joanna Bolt, of Dirty Girl's Farm was peddling her wonderful wares in the booth next to mine and allowed me to hang my banner on her back wall since I forgot my frame at the farm. After all what are neighbours for!

Great BIG thanks go out especially to my fair assistant Jacqueline Rosborough, and my chauffeur son Devon Smith, without who's help I could not have pulled it off!


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