Sacred Geometry Matrix of the Stars

Our Solar System

Our Solar System

We come from the Stars and we are programmed by the Stars. The Sacred Geometry Matrix of the Stars requires a 26 million year cycle to complete it’s pilgrimage around our great central Sun. We’ve come a long way from thinking the world was flat and that the stars were static in the sky beginning with Galileo and the discovery that our planet was not the center of our galaxy, the Sun was.

More recently, with space probes and cameras sending photos back to Earth, we now irrefutably understand we are but a wee bit of a spec in the grand universe as we know it. Still, we are star dust at the core of our atoms.

Leading edge Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?” This is his answer.

Electromagnetically bound together, one star system after another spirals though space and time in graceful harmony.

Our Solar System vibrates at a certain frequency with each planet resonating it’s own song to maintain the electromagnetic pull which holds all of the planets within it spiraling around the Sun, our magnet, which is also spiraling through space. The criss-cross of the orbs in the sky as they spiral through space mark the wheel of time  in a helical pattern. The same helix structure that forms the basis of all life form in the universe. The Sacred Geometry Matrix of the Stars is bestowed upon each of you.

Upon your first breath outside of your mother’s womb you were encoded with your own unique individual genetic Sacred Geometry Matrix of the Stars. The Big Bang of your YOU-niqueness. A one of a kind, holographic template orchestrated by the planetary orbs surrounding you at your precise moment of birth was downloaded with that first breath. No other was born to the parents you chose, at the time you were born, in the precise geographic location you were born in.

Ancient wisdom professes we are all unique individuals – each blade of grass is different than the other, the universe would be less without each unique blade of grass. The blade of grass is as needed as the oak tree. Each one is a unique gem in the birthing, here to shine their own nuance of brilliance.

You are YOU-nique. Your song has never been sung before. Your voice has never been heard. Your dreams have never been dreamed. Your actions have never been taken. Your love has never been felt. Your pain has never been experienced. Your Spirit has never soared this high.

You are a truly unique elementally differently structured entity than any other on the face of the planet, with your own soul mission for this life time, plugged into the Matrix in your earthly suit. Your life is yours to be created unlike any other. A monumental task for such a wee spec of a thing in the grand scale of the universe it would seem at first glance. Enter the Sacred Geometry Matrix of the Stars.

Popular belief revolves around the notion that the twelve signs of the Zodiac are the rulers of ALL but each Zodiac sign contains a complex deeply layered conglomerate of elements bridging the energy spiraling together in the outer rim constellations of the Sacred Geometry Matrix of the Stars. This is the wheel of time.

To put it simply the Sacred Geometry Matrix of the Stars is the clock of all times. Like a watch, it is divided in 12 segments one for each Zodiac sign. It takes 2 hours for the earth to spiral from one sign to the other therefore requiring 24 hours to go through a complete orbit on it’s axis. We cannot see the constellations above us by day but they rise and fall with the setting of the Sun each day all the same. Time is measured by their rise and fall in the sky. it takes Earth 365 rotations to revolve around the Sun completing a one year, four season cycle. The main difference between a watch and the wheel of time is that on a watch the Sun is at the center and the numbers on the perimeter represent the twelve hours in one half day. All of it derived from the wheel of time of course. On the wheel of time Earth is placed in the center and the circumference is comprised of the conglomerate of constellations forming the 12 zodiac signs. Everything we know as time is measured by the movement of our orb in space. There is a lot more to know about the impact of these orbs have on us – time is of the essence 😉

Our aim as a species is to utilize this Sacred Geometry Matrix of the Stars to facilitate harmony of creation, manifesting abundance and health in our world thereby ultimately perpetuating our species. With our birth we add to the mix our own track.

You may not be aware of this programming as this Matrix has been hidden from you since the dawn of the Age of Pisces. That was the plan. We are at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius now where each individual’s Matrix will be known again for the core encoding it offers each one of whereas once upon a time it was privileged knowledge reserved only for high priests.

On the wheel of time Earth is placed in the center, more precisely your longitudinal and latitudinal birthplace on Earth like a snapshot recording the position the stars held in the sky the the precise date, time and location you arrived on Earth. Ancient Wisdom gathered from all of the planets in our solar system hurling through space and was downloaded into you. This freeze frame snapshot of the planets is your personal mandala Matrix and can be charted and analyzed based on the relation of the planets to your exact location on Earth at your precise time and date of entry into your earth suit Matrix.

The Big Bang of your YOU-niqueness is also comprised of deeper layers of ancient wisdom to guide and illuminate your path. Placing your heart at the center of the wheel of time once again, Inside the circumference of the twelve signs of the Zodiac wheel coming closer to the center there are the four directions/seasons/elements plus all the planets to guide you.  Yin & Yang at the center of your heart.

The snapshot of your arrival is at a specific time on the watch and at a specific time in space – as above so below. Just as the calendar marks your birth day so do the stars. The planets within our solar system are positioned on our clock as they stood when we took our first breath

The placement of the Sun determines what Zodiac suit you will wear for this life time. Much of modern day Astrology addresses all things to do with the sign the Sun was in at birth. The Sun’s placement is but one of the planets in your birth mandala Matrix.

The Sun’s placement encodes us with the energy of it’s radiance for sure but we are also encoded by the energy of all of the other orbs in our sky. Much ancient wisdom is revealed when we consider the influence of ALL of the planets in our solar system which conspired to provide each one of us with this You-nique Matrix.

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