Random Acts of Kindness

Life Symbols

I bumped into Princess Diana and Prince Charles riding by in their red gilded horse drawn carriage, just as I was coming out of Victoria Station with my friend Peter in1985- like a dream, for a split second in time, my wish was granted.

Peter had met me at Heathrow to travel the tube to his flat near Vic Stn and asked me if there was anything I would like to do during my 8 hour layover and I had jokingly replied that it would be nice to meet Princess Di and Prince Charles - he said "wouldn't we all like to meet them? I have lived here my entire life and I have only ever seen them on the tele." I explained to Peter I had a premonition before leaving for this trip to Europe, I had dreamed that I was Princess Diana - well, that I was married to Prince Charles!! The fairy tales ran deep, yet I grew excited about this being an omen that I would meet them...

Thoughts become things!!

Princess Diana ultimately inspired me to study Reflexology when I read accounts of her receiving treatments 3 times a week. I had never heard of the word "Reflexology" before then, let alone what it did. She planted the seed of it in me.

But a foot thingy?? It all sounded very Mary Magdeleinish to me, Jesus liked getting the foot thingy done too. Then, a fireman friend turned Reflexologist gave me a sample of what it felt like on only one foot, leaving one side of me feeling the wondrous effects of the mini session he administered under the cover of the table cloth on the dinner table at a friend's wedding in 1999. The side he worked left me floating gleefully lighter and freer feeling than the side he had not worked that felt like a lead weight compared to the other. That momentary "feel" of what Reflexology represented to the body mind and soul, led me to study Reflexology.

When I learned that Louise Hay beat her cancer with positive affirmations and 3 weeks of Reflexology, I was convinced I needed to share, as broadly as she had positive affirmations, the wondrous healing assistance Reflexology gives the body in healing itself.

Our messengers come in many shapes, sizes, forms and times throughout our journey and they pass but a fleeting moment in time through our awareness. Remaining open to *this* or something better, I've asked to be guided for the greatest good of all harming none and the courage to embraced the directions my messengers pointed me in, no matter how scary, absurd or irrational it might be.

It took 15 years to pass after meeting Princess Diana before I connected the dots and stepped into my soul purpose. My conviction has only grown stronger with each of the 15 years that have passed since I discovered Reflexology. Each pair of ears, hands, or feet teach me more to share. I have never had a doubt that this ancient healing science is in harmony with all creatures - it works on anyone with ears, regardless of their age, gender, race or beliefs. It is a FORCE we all have.

Abundantly grateful to Princess Diana for planting the seed of it in me.

If we learn to trust our inner knowing and to follow the symbols, the letters, the numbers, the guides and messengers indicating to us exactly where we need to focus our random acts of kindness, life becomes a dream come true, step after step into the Great Mystery where there are NO coincidences.

May the FORCE be with you!

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