Quantum Healing Day

Quantum Healing Day ~ October 19, 2019

Learn how to do your own ears ~ Speakers Stage ~ 2pm

Are you suffering from stress? Pain? Irritability? Digestive issues? Libido issues? Hormonal issues? Circulation problems??? Then this talk is for you!!!
Discover your very own built in "I AM HEALER" found on your ears!

Michelle will be taking you thru the complete 7 step technique she calls the "INSTALL" that serves to reboot every part of you inside and out. The ears are a small surface so they are very simple to learn. You will discover how easy it is to help your self or anyone else, anywhere, anytime by learning to squeeze the ears in a systematic sequence of pulsations that cover the entire surface of the ears. These instructions can be found in her instructional ebook "I AM HEALER ~ YOU are the ONE", also available as ebook and videos or, ebook + videos and 3 coaching sessions. You can get your own copy by clicking on the ebook below.

I AM HEALER ~ YOU are the ONE!

3 ways to enjoy our services on Quantum Healing Day!

For your pleasure choose from these services:

#1 - Mini Session - $20

Enjoy a mini ear session (15 minutes) with a complete 7 step technique to reboot you at the core, help with pain, anxiety or stress - instantaneously!!

#2 - Ear Reading - $20

Examining digital photos of your ears will show you a whole lot more than just a pretty ear!!! Visually showing all of the areas of imbalance found on your ears that are visible to the naked eye during a 15 minute analysis. Learn more

The Ear Map

#3 - Gift Certificates - Single $80 - Triple $225 - Tener $700

Gift Certificates will be available for your gift giving any time of the year. They can be enjoyed by anyone who needs relief from stress and/or anxiety or, pain or, to improve lymphatic and blood circulation or, require to reset disruptions in hormones, sleep patterns or eating habits.

Quantum Healing Day

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