The Farmer’s Market offered a bloody perspective

Blood Donor Clinic visits to harvest blood and to test blood type

Jennifer my niece/market assistant and I set up in a cool, drizzly 12 °C to offer ear squeezing at the local market this morning.

There were the usual farmers and crafters peddling their wares, and a new attraction also. The Blood Donor Clinic was harvesting blood today and as a side bar they had to test people for their blood group (ABO) and for their Rh factor (+/-) before they took it. The tests were also offered to anyone else who wanted to know their blood group and Rh factor without being required to donate blood.


One of the very first questions I ask my clients is what their blood group is. It is of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE for everyone to know what it is to help increase our vitality and thrive. Unfortunately most have no idea what theirs is. Many don't care to know since they do not understand the relevance it has for them. I am hoping those will gain a deeper understanding with this post. Fortunately many of those who don't know their blood group are very curious to learn it, and they cannot understand how this wee bit of vital information about them selves has been hidden from them for so long, sometimes for decades, sometimes always.

On this day at the market, I was happy to refer those who did not know their blood type and wanted to learn about it to the testing available at the Blood Donor Clinic. Jennifer did not know her blood type - it could be her father's blood type A, or her mother's blood type B. She was tested to discover it was B the rarest of all blood types, since AB is considered to be a mutation of A and B blood groups.

Nowadays. although the ABO blood group's distribution varies from region to region, on a global scale O blood group is the most prolific (40% to 45%), followed by A blood group (35% to 40%) and the much lower rates of groups B (4% to 11%) and AB (0% to 2%). Scientists cannot agree on how the mutation of AB came to be. It is a physical oxymoron. It eludes them to this day to scientifically explain how someone can carry withing them the antigens against A blood group and B blood group with the same body. It would be fatal for an A blood type person to receive group B blood, and it would be fatal for a blood group B person to receive group A blood, yet they co-exist within the body of the AB blood group population (less than 3% of the global population today).

There are many theories on it's existence, and although evidence indicates that the individual genetic mutations responsible for producing the ABO genes are quite ancient, this is of trivial importance to the actual demographics of the individual ABO blood groups in ancient populations. In genetics it is not the actual age of the gene that matters, but rather its frequency, or drift. This is computed by geneticists using a formula called the Hardy-Weinberg equation. Hardy-Weinberg posits that if the only evolutionary force acting on the population is random mating, the gene frequencies remain unchanged and constant. For example, if you start off with a small number of a particular gene in a larger gene pool (such as the gene for blood group B in the gene pool of ABO blood types) and nothing other that random mating occurs, at the end of a period of time, there would still be only a small number of B genes in the ABO gene pool. So something other than random mating is responsible for the present-day differences in the frequency between the ABO blood groups. Also if the mutations of of such paramount importance, why is the distribution of the B gene so geographically limited to an area of high concentration stretching a belt of territory from the Himalayas to the Urals?

A small band of nomads with blood group B separated from the belt and traversed the Bering Straight ahead of the last ice age some 12,000 to 15,000 years ago. Jennifer and I are descendants from that band of nomads with a Menominee heritage, as they are currently named who carried forth the B blood group to America from Asia.

Bering land bridge

It is fascinating to note that virtually all the major infectious diseases that ran so rampant throughout our pre-antibiotic history have ABO blood group preferences of one group, over another. This results from the fact that many microbes possess ABO "blood groups" of their own although humans are the only species to contain all four variants. The effects of ABO blood group on survival against most forms of epidemic illness is so distinct that a modern day map of the ABO blood group distribution in Europe closely parallels the exact location of all major epidemics, with higher densities of blood group A and lower frequencies of blood group O in areas historically known to have had long histories of repeated pandemics.

Origins and paths of epidemics

For example: The Black Plague is especially interesting from the perspective of ABO blood groups since Yersinia pestis,  the source of the Black Plague, is a bacteria that prefers individuals of a specific ABO group, in this case group O. On the other hand , in pre-urbanization days blood group O would have had the survival advantage against parasites, the flukes and worms that routinely infected them. It is the only blood group with antibodies against two other antigens A and B. This is the main reason for my inquiry as to a client's blood group at our initial consultation.

As is customary at the market, on a slow drizzly day, the vendors have the luxury of time to chat amongst each other and with the visitors in a much more relaxed way. I reveled in the fascinating discussions that ensued with the others at market about individual blood groups and the impact it has on each of us. We learned a lot in sharing this information. It is past the point of no return for some, who did not know their blood group, and burst at the seams as a result. But there is still hope for those who know their blood groups and eat and live accordingly. For example: One person paid to have their stomachs stapled, another paid to have a rubber band placed around their food tube and the third had some gastric bypass to fix the problem. All 3 had blood group O blood, and all have been trying to subsist eating an A blood type diet. They were shocked to learn they should not eat grains or dairy on one hand, and on the other hand they described in great details, exactly how sick they felt when they did eat these foods that were wrong for their blood group.

I went on to explain that an A blood type person eating red meat is committing a slow suicide, just as a B blood type eating tofu is, or an O blood type eating grains. They should know that because it is paramount. Lets go back to the last ice age when the vegetation was too sparse to survive on - the meat eaters are the only blood group to have survived that era when they were pushed down to Africa because of the ice age, and, they are still around as blood type O. Next, after the last ice age, once the land was arable again, "arrived" the A blood group, the grains people and best suited to a vegetarian diet. When they eat meat, they rot from the inside out - but let's not tell them that either. B blood group "landed" in the middle east, around the time the pyramids came on the scene. They are omnivores and dairy people who fare best on wild foods. And NO ONE can explain where the heck AB came from when they "arrived" around the same time Jesus' work was rewritten about 1,000 AD... those darn "aliens" genetically modifying us ...again. But AB group can't eat meat either.

Everyone should know their blood group to eat and live accordingly but this is something that is hidden from most. Yet, it's awareness is vital to then understand the genetic manipulation that is NOW at hand, with our most fundamental necessity - our nutrition.

The other 2 main players in our blood group anatomy defense mechanisms determining which group shall survive are the Rh Factor and the Secretor Variant.

The Rh Positive or Negative test was offered at the Blood Donor Clinic.(Rh negative blood group is said to be from ANNUNAKI heritage by some. Aliens or Reptiles by others. Or Royalty with "Les Filles du Roi" spreading the mutation for them)

Second factor much more significantly determining our survival in the present climate is whether we're a Secretor or Non-Secretor variant, which the Blood Donor Clinic had no clue about it, they had never heard of it, or testing for it

Divide and conquer... or die from what we are injected with, pumped up with in our sound, air, food and water. This is an ancient story that has been at play for eons but was most recently entrenched by the mighty testaments of few. May the FORCE be with you!!


Resources: Handed to me on October 10, 2008 by my grandmother, Gertrude (Brasseur) Gauthier (1914-     )with this inscription on the inside cover from her.


Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo; Catherine Whitney; Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia; Eat Right For Your Type. 1:4-5,

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