Modality Matrix

Modalities determine our driving force

Cardinal – creative – begins each season

Fixed – persistent – carries the middle of the season

Mutable – adaptable – ends each season

These influences are governed by the movement of the planets around us and their ebb and flow comes in and out of focus as they come and go in proximity to Earth.

If your birth sign is in a particular mode ie: Fixed for example, it may not necessarily carry as much weight/influence as it could, if all of the other planets are in mutable or cardinal signs. You may be less of a “Mutable” character than your birth sign modality would indicate if you have several other planets in Fixed modalities.

If there are conflicting signals about your birth sign modality and your natural tendencies you likely have more planets in other modalities. We all navigate through these energies without much control but if we learn to waltz between the energy of each modality as it comes around embracing the energy of the moment you can rock your world. Easily going from fixed and persistent when it’s time, and flowing to cardinal creating and expanding when the timing is right, then flow to the mutable adaptable phase of your flow.