Join us at the Luna Market Under the Grand Earth Trine September 7th 2018

Early Bird Special ~ First 50 visitors to our booth win 50% OFF an Auricular Acupressure Reboot!!!

Luna Market Ear Readings

Under the grand earth trine on September 7, 2018 Auricular Acupressure is delighted to introduce you, the Luna Market visitor, to what your EARS are saying about your health by offering you an EAR READING! The Ears speak volumes! Click here for an explanation of what a Digital Ear Reading will provide for you!

The ear microcosm reflects the condition of the entire body, inside and out. The map showing a fetus in utero, overlaid on the ear so that anatomically, the head area is located on the lobe of the ears, the extremities are found on the floppy top part of the ears and the internal organs are deep in the bowl of the ear, as pictured below

Evidence can be seen on the ear for things like chronic pain, adrenal fatigue, inflammation, anxiety and stress.

Chronic conditions and specific body parts or organs that are under strain are shown on the ear microcosm, which reflects the condition of the entire body.

Every little crease, bump, dent, pimple, line, bubble or discolouration found on your ears are indications about the condition of a corresponding body part.

Reading the ears is the very first step in assessing the course of treatment for each and every client.

Michelle’s expertise comes from having read thousands of ears during her 18 years in practice and she looks forward to reading yours

Stop in at our booth and have photos taken of your ears and learn what they can teach you about your health!

Participants will receive a copy of their high resolution photos by email along with their EAR READING!

All visitors who get an Ear Reading, will automatically be entered in our draw to win a full session of Auricular Acupressure with Michelle.


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What is an Ear Reading?

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