Initial Consultation

Transcend your STRESS to BLISS

Auricular Acupressure operates from a holistic approach to wellness, delivering a whole blissfully NEW YOU - body, mind, heart and soul

Initial Private Consultation includes

1: A complete assessment of your condition(s) derived from a detailed intake questionnaire and by having your ears "read" - each bump nook and blackhead means something on the Ear-Boards!

2: An Ear Reflexology treatment - an immersion into BLISS from the very beginning, 1st Step is the de-stress sweep... and that's only step 1 of the 7 step REBOOT

3: The tools you will need to maintain your REBOOT to keep your chi moving and maintain your state of BLISS;

  • Ear-Mergency First-Aid seeds for self-treatment, specific to your condition;
  • Hand Chart tailored for self-treatment specific to your condition;
  • Simple nutritional guidelines to keep you healthy for life, easily and effortlessly.

Simply choose the consultation package that best suits your needs