Waterloo 1st Holistic Fair

Auricular Acupressure at Waterloo 1st Holistic Fair

1st Waterloo Holistic Fair

Auricular Acupressure is thrilled to be participating in:

Waterloo's 1st Annual Holistic Healing Fair
Saturday July 7 2018 from 10 - 4
Sunday July 8 2018 from 10 - 4
Our free admission event will be at the beautiful location of The Inn of Waterloo featuring 50+ unique Holistic and Wellness Vendors!

The ancient healing art of Auricular Acupressure is based on the concept of sacred geometry - your entire body macrocosm is overlaid onto your ear microcosm.
Manipulating the ears with gentle finger pressure resets all aspects of your being and brings you into harmony with your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual environment. Culminating in a pain free sensation of profound pleasure, deep relaxation and a sense that all is right with the world. Squeezing the ears in a sequential fashion is like entering commands on a keyboard, prompting the brain to signal the rest of the body to execute repairs.

Your body can return to a point where it can heal itself, starting with a squeeze of the ears!

Auricular Acupressure will be offering visitors a sample of what the ears can do for you in 3 steps

  1. Mini Auricular Acupressure Reboot + chance to win
  2. Seed placement on your ears for you to practice self healing at home
  3. Bust Stress video how to squeeze your own ears to bust STRESS!

The winners of the MainDoor Prize and the early birds who were the first 50 to arrive can stop in at our booth to book their session as soon as desired!

Visitor's to our booth who are willing to complete a survey will win the chance to win a complete mobile ear session delivered to your door by Michelle Robert Smith. A $100 Value so be sure to come by to enter our draw. Draw will be conducted at 4pm Sunday July 8, 2018

The Holistic Healing Fairs were created to educate and inspire our local community to become more conscious of their daily habits. A place where everyone is welcome, judgment free. Come explore the many unique ways of healing - art expression, your own jewelry piece, a chemical free body lotion, guidance readings and so much more. All of our sponsors and vendors have the same outlook on life, to help make the world a better place. Come spend the day with us sharing helpful ideas, try something different and learn about the local amazing businesses right in your backyard!

Proudly sponsored by Cocos Nucifera, Body Business, Your Souls Content & ASP Coaching & Holistic Services and 91.5 the beat!



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