My First Auricular Therapy Experience

Michelle Robert Smith

Michelle Robert Smith

How it all began

Auricular Acupressure was gifted to me shortly after 9/11/01 on the last day of my Foot Reflexology course at Georgian College by my teacher Alana Hewitt. Alana gave each of her students the gift of an Auricular Acupressure Session before she sent us off to complete our Foot Reflexology training to gather experience and expertise to write the final exam and do our practical exam. I thought I had found magic with Foot Reflexology... that is, until Alana squeezed my ears!

Within seconds of taking hold of my ears I was suddenly rendered totally relaxed with just a few pinches of my ears! I felt my breath deepen and a little tenderness on my ears now and then as she deftly pinched my ears, in a slow rhythmic motion. I let my self surrender to the bliss that ensued. The ears are small relative to the feet, taking only a fraction of the time to do than it does to do both feet individually because both ears are done simultaneously. I learned because the ears are connected directly to the brain it makes the communication immeasurably more direct than with reflexology therapies of the feet or hands.

This ear pinching thing packed such a punch, I felt it course throughout my body instantaneously. I could feel my body making adjustments by the tingles I felt along the nerve endings in my arms and legs, by the gurgling in my digestive system, and also by the sense of wellness and calm that swept over me. I could feel Alana's gentle thumb and finger auricular treatment actually walking down my spinal cord, adjusting my spine along the way in little pings and pops. At one point, tears were streaming down my face as emotional blocks dissolved. My achy joints were filled with a coolness as pain killing hormones were dispensed leaving me pain free!

The effects from Alana's parting gift, her "little ear squeeze" did not end when the treatment did. Far from it. I felt it wash over me as though in waves, gushing through my mind, body and soul over the next 24 to 48 hours. I laughed, I cried, I soaked in a hot bath... and I transformed from the inside out!

I went from feeling at my wits end before the Auricular Acupressure session:

  1. I was emotionally destroyed when my partner of 18 years walked out on us
  2. I was intellectually drained switching from being an employee to becoming self employed in a field where we were pioneering radical new ways of self healing. I often asked myself "what have I gotten into?"
  3. physically, I was suffering from the accumulation of the side effects of stress in my life experiences since my childhood. As they say, healer heal thy self and heal the world. I was falling apart at the seams: my digestive system was malfunctioning and out of control, my joints were always so sore I was constantly popping pills to kill the pain, I was stricken with ocular migraines impairing my vision, I was wearing glasses with trifocal lenses, I had a hard time standing up straight, it hurt too much

To feeling...

  1. immediate relief from the pain and stress during the Auricular Acupressure session itself,
  2. then over the next couple of days I gained the clearheadedness enough to formulate a plan to confidently handle all that was before me as a single self employed mom to a kindhearted, beautiful, community engaged  10 year old son.
  3. Feeling confident in launching a new business in a new field, I felt strong vibrant and sure.

So rest assured that from that very first experience, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to learn, master and teach Auricular Acupressure far and wide. I understood this could serve young and old, or healthy and sick alike would hugely benefit from Auricular Acupressure.

I could not get through the Reflexology Association of Canada Certification process for Foot Reflexology fast enough, to begin the study of Auricular Acupressure.

Sharing the Sacred Geometry of Auricular Acupressure with the world has become my soul purpose. With the odd exceptions, like my son, who now at 30 years of age still prefers to have Foot Reflexology over ears, most of my clients, have had the joy of Auricular Therapy exclusively ever since, with phenomenal results each and every time.

To make Auricular Acupressure available to anyone, anywhere, I also take on speaking/teaching my book I AM HEALER at engagements to share my expertise in Auricular Acupressure with intimate groups or large ones, for as many as possible around the world.

In the wake of these times of great despair about the state of our health, I bring tremendous hope in sharing the fact that we are truly self healing vessels. It could not come at a better time for humanity. I look forward to introducing you to Auricular Acupressure - book a session today!

Abundant Gratitude